Determining a marketing strategy will help you identify your customers needs and to implement the most effective marketing methods to have successful campaigns.

The first question we ask when we meet with new a business is, who are your customers? Secondly, we ask what does your customer value? Those two questions alone are essential so that we can understand your marketing needs.

We are full service local Minnesota based search engine company. We specialize in search engine marketing, social media, websites, and more. We are devoted to giving all of our clients our undivided attention with one on one service throughout their whole campaign.

Our Process

Monitoring & Adjusting

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In this last process we will keep an eye on the performance related to the set targets. We will constantly monitor and adjust the campaign in order to meet the set goals.

Our Process


This process involves addressing the who, where, when, and how of reaching the goals and objectives of a business. It also involves putting the marketing design, execution, and scheduling into making the campaign complete.